The Healthcare & Lifesciences Consulting and M&A Advisors


We are Advisors who understand Executives and their issues

A team of professionals, primarily composed of experienced Consultants

  • 15 Managing Partners and Partners
  • 10 Project Managers, Seniors and Consultants

Recruited from industry, banking and consulting firms

  • Hands-on executive and operational experience
  • Blend of French and Anglo-American advisory practices

We honor four commitments to our clients

  1. We deal with complex issues and situations
  2. We consider people and management when building our solutions
  3. We bring added value through our analyses and actions, transforming ideas into tangible results
  4. We respond to our clients’ multiple needs with customized approaches, in an transparent and relevant manner


We offer our services on a worldwide scale

  • With several nationalities and cultural backgrounds, AEC Partners is ideally positioned to serve clients on international assignments or on a multi-country basis
  • The international exposure of our firm is increasing  thanks to a large proportion of client projects involving multiple countries
  • The scope of our work outside France is booming, particularly throughout Europe, demonstrated by
    • 20% of consulting fees invoiced outside of France
    • More than 60% of our assignments are performed on an international level
  • Our clients are located across the world
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